Shimmer, 2009. Excerpt.

Published by Park Publications, 2010.

She had become a part of my routine. At night-fall I tidied the dishes from the parlour and pulled back and locked the window shutters; then I would change into my nightgown and pour her a saucer of milk. Beside the bed I left a candle burning into the early hours, in case she feared the dark, and I would tie back the sash from the window so that she could look out over the meadows below. She seemed to like the milk, often I would wake the next morning to find the saucer empty, and for many years that was the only form of interaction between us.

She sat at the foot of my bed, with her legs neatly tucked beneath her nightgown and a calm expression in her eyes. She watched me sleep. She could only have been fourteen, perhaps fifteen at the eldest, and she stared with unending patience, hour after long hour, unmoving and serene.


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